Thrust III - Experiment

The focus of Thrust III revolves around scientific growth and characterization. To do so, research delves into the fabrication of promising candidate layered materials including 2D MoS2 by chemical vapor deposition. Also, it observes atomic and electronic structure, local density of quasiparticles states, transport, and field effect measured in these materials. Finally, ultrafast carrier dynamics of 2D materials probed by using ultra-short laser pulses and STM measurements performed on newly designed 2D layered materials are researched. Thrust III also works with catalysis and water splitting in layered materials. In this area, many components are studied such as growth and characterization of layered materials and the experimental investigation of designed layered materials as a function of material composition, foreign atom incorporation, and layer thickness to facilitate both water splitting and conversion of carbon dioxide to methanol (a fuel). Reactions of the surface of layered materials studied by photoelectron spectroscopy, ion scattering, and thermal desorption techniques, the investigation of 2D heterostructures as potential photocatalysts for water splitting, as well as the possibilities in the unusual chemistry of manganese will be explored are also researched.

Senior Investigators (GROWTH & CHARACTERIZATION)

Eric Borguet, Thrust leader & Deputy Director
Temple University, Department of Chemistry

  • Nanotechnology and nanoscale processes at interfaces
  • Plasmonics
  • Nonlinear optics
  • Ultrafast dynamics
  • Scanning probe microscopy

Research Summary

Xiaoxing Xi, Senior Investigator
Temple University, Department of Physics

  • Applications of oxide, boride, and transition metal dichalcogenide thin films
  • Epitaxial thin films and heterostructures at the nanoscale
  • The atomic layer-by-layer growth of artificial oxide heterostructures

Research Summary

Maria Iavarone, Senior Investigator, Deputy Director
Temple University, Department of Physics

  •  Strongly correlated electron systems
  • Mesoscopic systems
  • Scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopy

Research Summary

Goran Karapetrov, Senior Investigator
Drexel University, Depatment of Physics

  • Strongly correlated electron systems
  • Scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopy
  • Emergent phenomena in mesoscopic systems
  • Catalysis

Research Summary

Yimei Zhu, Senior Investigator
Brookhaven National Laboratory, Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science

  • Quantitative electron microscopy
  • Understanding structure-property of strongly correlated electron systems
  • Multiferroics
  • Energy materials

Research Summary



Daniel Strongin, Thrust Leader
Temple University, Department of Chemistry

  • Understanding the role that metal, metal oxide, and metal sulfide surfaces play in controlling chemistry in the environment and in potential technologial applications

Research Summary

Michael Zdilla, Senior Investigator
Temple University, Dept. of Chemistry

  • Interface of inorganic chemistry and energy science: water splitting catalysis, biomimetic water-oxidizing metal cluster synthesis, energetic materials, lithium ion battery technology

Research Summary