CCDM Seminar Series

April 10, 2019
Dr. Hsin Lin
Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica
Seminar: Topological Materials

April 20, 2018
Dr. Alexander Sinitskii
Department of Chemistry, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Seminar: Graphene Nanoribbons, Transition Metal Chalcogenides and Mxenes for Electronic Applications

February 16, 2018
Dr. Gerbrand Ceder
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of California at Berkeley
Seminar: Synthesis, the New Frontier for Computational Materials Science

February 1, 2018
Dr. Javier Junquera
Department of Earth Science and Condensed Matter Physics, Universidad de Cantabria, Spain
Seminar: Complex Topological Phases in Polar Oxide Superlattices

January 11, 2018
Dr. Junwei Liu
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Dept of Physics
Seminar: Topological Phases in Transition Metal Chalcogenides

November 10, 2017
Dr. Laura Gagliardi
Department of Chemistry, Chemical Theory Center, and Supercomputing Institute, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Seminar: Computationally Guided Discovery of Metal-Decorated Metal–Organic Frameworks Active for Catalysis

May 12, 2017
Dr. Alex Zunger
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
Seminar: New Functional Materials as a Design Problem

March 20, 2017
Dr. Zhenyu Zhang
International Center for Quantum Design of Functional Materials (ICQD) University of Science and Technology of China
Seminar and Slides: Atomistic Growth Mechanisms and Functionalization of Two-Dimensional Materials

March 3, 2017
Dr. Troy Van Voorhis
Department of Chemistry, MIT
Seminar and Slides: Using Chemistry to Harness the Power of the Sun

November 16, 2016
Dr. Adam Willard
Department of Chemistry, MIT
Seminar: Interfacial disorder drives charge separation in molecular semiconductors

November 4, 2016
Dr. Francesco Paesani
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California, San Diego
Seminar and Slides: Understanding Hydration, One Water Molecule at the Time

October 7, 2016 - ECI External Speaker
Dr. Cyrus Dreyer
Postdoctoral Fellow, Theoretical Condensed Matter Theory Group, Rutgers University
Seminar: Sources of Shockley-Read-Hall Recombination in III-Nitrides

September 9, 2016
Dr. Mauricio Terrones
Professor of Physics, Chemistry and Materials Science & Engineering, Penn State University
Seminar and Slides: Defect Engineering in 2-Dimensional Materials: Graphene, Doped-Graphene and Beyond

April 1, 2016
Dr. Andrew Rappe
Department of Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Seminar: The Bulk Photovoltaic Effect in Polar Oxides for Robust and Efficient Solar Energy Harvesting

March 25, 2016 - ECI External Speaker
Dr. Timothy Berkelbach
Princeton Center for Theoretical Science, Princeton University
Seminar: Microscopic Theories of Excitons in 2D Materials

November 6, 2015
Dr. Alex Gray
Department of Physics, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Seminar: Using Advanced X-ray Techniques to Probe Fundamental Physical Interactions in Strongly-Correlated and Two-Dimensional Electronic Systems

October 2, 2015
Dr. Yury Gogotsi
Department of Physics, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
Seminar and Slides: 2D Carbides and Nitrides of Transition Metals (MXenes): Synthesis, Structure and Energy Storage Applications

September 17-18, 2015
Dr. C.N.R. Rao
Honorary President of the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research in Bangalore, India, Presidential Visiting Scholar at Temple University
Seminar: New Materials for Energy Applications
Seminar: Extraordinary Attributes of 2D Nanosheets of MoS2 and Other Materials (flyer)

September 15, 2014
Dr. Umesh Waghmare
Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore, India
Seminar: Emergence of Ferroelectricity at a Metal-Semiconductor Transition in a 1 T Monolayer of MoS2.