Matthias Degroote


Rice University
Department of Chemistry  
6100 Main Street
Houston, TX 77005

Phone: (713) 348-2657
Email: mfd7@rice.ed


I received my PhD in Physics from Ghent University, Belgium doing Green's function calculations in the Center for Molecular Modeling as a student of prof. Dimitri Van Neck. After that I did a first postdoc with prof. Frank Verstraete on Projected Entangled Pair States.  In 2014, I was a postdoctoral fellow of the BAEF which allowed me to spend a year as a postdoc with prof. Gustavo E. Scuseria.  Currently, I am still a postdoc at his group at Rice University, Houston where I am involved in the research about wave function methods for strong correlation.

Research Interests

  • quantum many-body theory
  • correlation methods
  • wave function methods
  • Green's functions
  • coupled-cluster methods
  • matrix product states
  • model development

Honors & Awards

  • PhD Fellowship of the FWO (Fund for Scientific Research – Flanders), 2008-2012
  • UGent Postdoctoral Fellowship of the BAEF (Belgian –American Educational Foundation), 2014-2015 


  • Polynomial Similarity Transformation Theory: A smooth interpolation between coupled cluster doubles and projected BCS applied to the reduced BCS Hamiltonian, M. Degroote, T.M. Henderson, J. Zhao, J. Dukelsky, G.E. Scuseria, Phys Rev B ,93, 125124, 2016
  • Transfer matrices and excitations with matrix product states, V. Zauner, D. Draxler, L. Vanderstraeten, M. Degroote, J. Haegeman, M.M. Rams, V. Stojevic, N. Schuch, F. Verstraete, New Journal of Physics 17 (5), 053002, 2015
  • Extended random phase approximation method for atomic excitation energies from correlated and variationally optimized second-order density matrices, H. van Aggelen, B. Verstichel, G. Acke, M. Degroote, P. Bultinck, P.W. Ayers, D. Van Neck, Computational and Theoretical Chemistry 1003, 50-54, 2013
  • Accuracy of the Faddeev random phase approximation for light atoms, C. Barbieri, D. Van Neck, M. Degroote, Phys Rev A 85 (1), 012501, 2012
  • Faddeev random-phase approximation for molecules, M. Degroote, D. Van Neck, C. Barbieri, Phys Rev A 83 (4), 042517, 2011