Loranne Vernisse


Temple University
Department of Chemistry
Beury Hall
1901 N. 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Phone: (215) 204-3164


Loranne Vernisse was a post-doctoral fellow in the group of Professor Eric Borguet at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.  She was born in Moulins, France, where she spent her formative years.  She attended college in Clermont-Ferrand (France), at the Université Blaise Pascal, then in Toulouse (France), at the Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse III) where she studied fundamental physics and nanophysics.  She obtained her Ph.D. in Nanophysics in 2014, under the mentorship of Professor Roland Coratger and Dr. Olivier Guillermet, where she investigated the structure and function of ruthenium molecular complexes by Low Temperature UHV-STM in order to create molecular logic gates.  She carried out in-situ characterization of 2D materials and investigate their chemical reactivity.

Research Interests

  • Nanoscale and Two Dimensional Materials
  • Scanning Probe Microscopy
  • Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Molecular Electronics
  • Single Molecule Conductivity

Honors & Awards

  • 2011-2014  Ministerial Ph.D. Fellowship
  • 2011-2014 Teaching Fellowship, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France
  • 2008 IN2P3 JANUS Program Fellowship 


  • B. Calmettes, L. Vernisse, O. Guillermet, Y. Benjalal, X. Bouju, C. Coudret, R. Coratger, Observation and Manipulation of Hexa-Adamantyl-Hexa-Benzocoronene Molecules by Low Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 16, 22903 (2014).
  • L. Vernisse, O. Guillermet, J. Bonvoisin and R. Coratger, Observation and manipulation of tris(dibenzoylmethanato)ruthenium molecules by low temperature scanning tunnelling microscopy, Surface Science, 619, 98 (2014).
  • L. Vernisse, S. Munery, N. Ratel-Ramond, Y. Benjalal, O. Guillermet, X. Bouju, R. Coratger, J. Bonvoisin, UHV-STM Investigations and Numerical Calculations of a Ruthenium β-Diketonato Complex with Protected Ethynyl Ligand: [Ru(dbm)2(acac-TIPSA)], Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 116 (25), 13715 (2012).
  • S. Munery, N. Ratel-Ramond, Y. Benjalal, L. Vernisse, O. Guillermet, X. Bouju, R. Coratger and J. Bonvoisin, Synthesis and characterization of a series of ruthenium tris(β-diketonato) complexes with UHV-STM investigation and numerical calculations, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2011 (17), 2698. (2011)