Joel Berry


University of Pennsylvania
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
3231 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104




Joel Berry received his Ph.D in physics from McGill University in 2011. Until 2013, he was jointly appointed as a postdoc in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at McMaster University and the Department of Physics at the University of British Columbia. He was a postdoc at Princeton University with Mikko Haataja’s research group and is now working with the Srolovitz group at the University of Pennsylvania.

Research Interests
Atomistic and continuum modeling of nonequilibrium materials phenomena: plasticity, phase transition kinetics, dislocation dynamics, grain boundary phenomena, fracture, glass formation

Research Summary
Joel has investigated the physics of nonequilibrium phenomena in various condensed matter systems, including structural materials (metals and composites), soft materials (colloids and gels), and biological systems (cellular organelles). His primary expertise is in the area of continuum phase field modeling, where he has developed and utilized both atomistic and mesoscopic models for nonequilibrium phenomena in inhomogeneous materials. At the atomistic scale, Joel has contributed to the development of the Phase Field Crystal (PFC) modeling approach since its introduction in 2003. He has employed PFC models to examine long time scale atomistics of dislocation and grain boundary mediated plasticity, glass formation, thin film growth, and other phenomena. At mesoscopic scales, Joel has developed and utilized elastic continuum models to study microstructural evolution and fracture in heterogeneous energy materials, as well as Flory-Huggins solution theory to study the formation kinetics of nonmembrane bound organelles in developing embryonic cells.

5 most relevant publications

  • J. Berry, N. Provatas, J. Rottler, and C. W. Sinclair. Phase Field Crystal Modeling as a Unified Atomistic Approach to Defect Dynamics, Physical Review B 89, 214117 (2014)
  • J. Berry, N. Provatas, J. Rottler, and C. W. Sinclair. Defect Stability in Phase-Field Crystal Models: Stacking Faults and Partial Dislocations, Physical Review B 86, 224112 (2012)
  • J. Berry and M. Grant. Modeling Multiple Time Scales During Glass Formation with Phase-Field Crystals, Physical Review Letters 106, 175702 (2011)
  • J. Berry, K. R. Elder, and M. Grant. Melting at Dislocations and Grain Boundaries: A Phase-Field Crystal Study, Physical Review B 77, 224114 (2008)
  • J. Berry, M. Grant, and K. R. Elder. Diffusive Atomistic Dynamics of Edge Dislocations in Two Dimensions, Physical Review E 73, 031609 (2006)