Forum A

Forum A creates a tight coupling among the theory, computational, and experimental expertise contained within the CCM to characterize, understand, and control the properties of materials. Importantly, this cross-cutting Forum is also used to validate the developments in theory and computation that are at the core of the Center’s mission, through the combined prediction and measurement of materials properties.

To date, Forum A has shed light on:

  • Phase transitions and surface properties of metals and semiconductors

  • Strain and defect engineering of 2D materials

  • Optical properties of 2D materials and their heterostructures

  • Charge density waves in quantum materials

  • High-temperature superconductivity in cuprates

  • The prediction of topological materials

  • Structural, electronic, dynamic, and spectroscopic properties of catalytic interfaces

In addition to continuing the studies above in more detail, novel theoretical/computational developments in the center are being extended to predict the properties of complex materials, including strongly correlated systems.