Farbod Alimohamadi


Temple University
Department of Chemistry
Beury Hall room 241
1901 N. 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Phone: (215) 204-3736


Farbod received his master’s degree in engineering from Iran in 2010. He has been attending Temple University (Chemistry department) since fall 2015 and joined the Strongin group.

Research Interests
Nanomaterials Synthesize/Characterization, Environmental Chemistry, Atomic Force Microscopy, and Polymer Chemistry


  • F. Alimohammadi, M. Sharifian Gh., N. Attanayake, A. Thenuwara, Y. Gogotsi, B. Anasori, D. R. Strongin, Antimicrobial Properties of 2D MnO2 and MoS2 Nanomaterials Vertically Aligned on Graphene Materials and Ti3C2 MXene, Langmuir 34 (24) (2018) 7192–7200

  • Y. Sun, F. Alimohammadi, D. Zhang, G. Guo, Enabling Colloidal Synthesis of Edge-Oriented MoS2 with Expanded Interlayer Spacing for Enhanced HER Catalysis, Nano Letter 17 (3) (2017) 1963–1969.

  • K. D. Rasamani, F. Alimohammadi, Y. Sun, Interlayer-expanded MoS2, Materials Today 20 (2017) 83-91.

  • M. Parvinzadeh Gashti, F. Alimohammadi, A. Kiumarsi, G. Cordova, B. Yasie Lee, Z. Leonenko, W. Nogala, Z. Xu, A. Wax, W. J. Eldridge, (2016). Nanocomposite Materials, Synthesis, Properties and Applications. Edited by P. Jyotishkumar, H. Nishar, K. Thomas, Y. Yingfeng. Microscopy of Nanomaterials, Publisher: Taylor and Francis, Pages 105-128.