2019 CCM EFRC Annual Meeting

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE ANNUAL MEETING and the Accompanying SCAN Workshop on Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Tentative SCHEDULE

Monday, May 13, 2019

Breakfast and Registration  [7:30am – 8:00am] SERC Lounge

Session 1 (SERC, Room 110A) - [8:15am-12:15pm]

  • [8:15am-8:25am] John Perdew, Opening

  • [8:25am-10:15am] Talks TBD

Coffee Break - [10:15am-10:35am] SERC Lounge

  • [10:35am-12:15pm] Talks TBD

Lunch AND Breakout by Thrusts  - [12:15pm-1:30pm]

  • Thrust I: SERC 108B

  • Thrust II: SERC 110A

  • Thrust III: SERC 110B 

Session 2 (SERC, Room 110A) - [1:30pm-4:45pm]

  • [1:30pm-3:30pm] Talks TBD

Coffee Break - [3:30pm-3:45pm] SERC Lounge

  • [3:45pm-4:45pm] Talks TBD

Executive Committee and Advisory Board Members Meeting (SERC 504) - [4:45pm-5:45pm]

Poster Session (SERC Mezzanine) - [4:45pm-6:00pm]

Dinner - [6:00pm-8:00pm]