2014 Kick Off Meeting


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Monday, October 20, 2014


Coffee Break - [10:00am-10:30am]

Lunch break  - [12:00pm-1:00pm]

Coffee Break - [2:30pm-3:00pm]

Session 2: Extensions
SERC room 110

[4:00pm-4:30pm] - General discussion and breakout sessions
Poster presentations:

  • Du Zhang, Thrust I, Dynamical Second‐Order Bethe‐Salpeter Electronic Excitations
  • Du Zhang, Thrust I, Analytic Gradient, Geometry Optimization and Excited State Potential Energy Surfaces from pp‐RPA
  • Sepideh Afsari and Zhihai Li, Thrust IV, Orientation‐Controlled Single Molecule Junctions
  • Devika Sil, Kyle D. Gilroy, Aurelia Niaux, Abdelaziz Boulesbaa, Svetlana Neretina, Thrust IV, Hot Electron Based Gold Nanoplasmonic Optical Hydrogen Sensor


Dinner - [6:00pm]
Rhoades Room of the Diamond Club (Mitten Hall) with cash bar